We are among the most celebrated ancient Ayurveda families in the history of Kerala The God's Own Country. Good will of the eminent physicians from our family is time tested in various circumstances and honored. The traditional secrets are still preserved in the thaliyolas for the ready references to the generations.

At our Ayurvedic treatment center you are taken through the traditional Indian system of medicine employing the latest equipments and techniques to ensure accuracy, purity and effectiveness.

Post Delivery care

Our Objective and Motto

To provide the rich tradition of this ancient science of healing ayurveda for the mind body and soul in the purest and traditional form.

Manufacturing of generic medicines in the purest form and the development of medicines for the treatment of new diseases.

To provide authentic ayurvedic treatments to those who are in need and to make their life better through Ayurveda.

Pharma Division

We uphold a rich foyers old tradition in the manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines and treatment of patients and maintains high quality standards.

The ancient Thaliyolas or palm leaf texts preserved ensures that each product used for the internal and external therapeutic purposes are made according to the stipulated herbal formula recorded in it. This makes the medications retain their uniqueness and purity.