An exclusive range of therapies based on ayurvedic principals of natural medicones are offered at our center. But our specialization treatments being treatment like visha chikitsa (the treatment for toxicity) which include the treatment of diseases caused by poisons and toxins such as spoilt food, animal, reptile and insect bites, poisonous minerals, metals and unsuitable food combinations. It is equivalent to toxicology in modern medicine.

We also offer periodical rejuvenation therapy packages to keep you fit and healthy in mind, soul and body viz, Taola Abhyanga, Njavarakizhi, Sirodhara, Patrapodala swedans, udvarthanam and the panchakarma ( detoxificatim therapy). Along with this treatments regularly in routine is also extremely effective in reducing imbalance.



Abhyangam is an Ayurveda way of oil massage with Marma therapy, it helps in the conditioning of body. Abhyangam increases blood circulation, preventing aging of the skin, tones muscles, improves growth and immunity and also contributes towards improved sleep. The natural medicinal principles in this oil treatment also help in rejuvenation and thus helps maintain a smooth skin and give luster to the hair.



Sirodhara is one of the most Popular Ayurvedic Therapies in India, a unique special treatment from Kerala. The word Dhara means, continuous stream of luke warm medicated liquid ingredients (primarily including herbal oils, medicated milk, and medicated butter milk) over the forehead continuously. This traditional treatment will improve memory, the mental ability of the individual, prevents and cures disease such as paralysis, neurological ailments and has proved to be extremely effective for ailments like Insomnia, Mental depression and tension, Headaches and lapse of memory.


Elakizhi (Leaf Bundle Massage)

It is an innovative classical massage treatment with heated cloth bag filled with fried medicinal (herbal) leaves. The treatment is highly recommended for improving the strength of muscles, relieving body pain and healing ailments such as arthritis, cramps, stress and paralysis. Elakizhi gives a revived feeling after being undergone for definite course period.

Njavara kizhi

Njavara kizhi

Ksheera sekam is one of the important treatments among Ayurvedic therapies which involves pouring of medicated Milk all over the body. By this process the body is made to perspire and thus the toxins are removed. The herbs used differ according to the ailment. The therapy is usually recommended for Insomnia, mental tension, head aches and also nourishes the skin.



Udwarthanam is a special massage with powder of herbs called choornam. It is followed by a warm bath that washes away the paste, leaves a glowing lustrous colour to the skin. Udwarthanam improves blood circulation, eases joint pains, and is very effective against certain skin diseases and obesity.

Steam bath

Steam Bath (Swedana)

Sweating is a necessity, a natural body function which helps to flush out impurities through the pores. In Swedana, oil massage is often followed by a medicated herbal steam bath. This loosens the blood vessels and thereby helps the detoxification of entire body system. This medicated herbal steam bath helps in stimulating oxygen flow throughout the body, while the steam activates the natural sweating process, which is essential for releasing accumulated toxins.