(Prasava Raksha Vethukuli)

Prasava Raksha refers to the process of taking care of the mother during the postnatal period, ideally from the moment of birth up to 6 weeks after that. The postpartum period is very critical and it is important that the mother's health bounces back to the status quo.

Post Delivery care


Weight gain during pregnancy affects the mother in many ways. It affects her self confidence to the core leading to depression or other issues.

Ayurvedic weight loss ensures to offer the safest as well as the most effective care keeping in mind the condition of post pregnancy.

Weight loss in post pregnancy is different because the body of a woman after delivery is vulnerable to many issues, so the weight loss program has to be done keeping up the requirements of the mother.

Ayurveda advocates weight loss solution depending on natural weight loss and the effects of the treatment are for a long term.

Exercise, udwarthanam (dry powder massage) and Abhyangam (oil massage) can drastically change the body structure.

Regular exercise will make the body lighter, improve digestion, make physical activities easier, reduce fat and form body muscles.

Slimming therapy
Baby Massage


A warm oil massage after the umbilical cord falls off is one of the best things you can do for your Baby. It starts at the head and end at the feet. Also include baby exercises like cycling the legs and flexing the leg against the belly, etc. this helps their digestive tract and overall tone and flexibility. Follow the massage with a warm bath. When dressing the baby, will place a few rasnadi choornam on the head over the soft spot to protect the brain and the very sensitive marma points located here. Doing this in the morning as a good start to the day.